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The Six String Cafe has been closed since fall of 2005, so I'm not able to perform there anymore. For a while I was performing at Pheasant Creek Coffee in Apex, NC, where the proprietor Geoff Corey served the areas best independent coffee, but Pheasant Creek also closed in early 2008. I was also performing at Borders Books and Music throughout the Raleigh/Durham area.


In September of 2007, I started to record his first album at Underground Sound in Greensboro, spending 40 hours in the studio getting drum tracks laid down. At the same time, I had just met this girl...
A friend who was helping with the album gave me some wise advice. He said, "Take it from someone who's had plenty of opportunities to play in bands and record albums-- if you have to choose between recording and album and having a girlfriend, go with the girlfriend-- it's a better investment!"

He was right, and towards the end of 2008 I got married to the love of my life. I plan to start playing in public again in the summer of 2009, and start work on my album again.

Most of these recordings are what I'd consider to be scratch recordings-- made primarily to preserve a song idea, or shortly after the inspiration. If you want a short sample, the most-requested song I have is "School of Life", followed by "The Jewelry Box".

If you want to contact me, please send me an email. If you don't hear from me (I'm usually very quick to respond), try again from another address in case the aggressive spam filter blocked your message, or better yet, contact me through MySpace.

Ain't much here yet, but more to come... Enjoy!

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Someone asked me why my site says "House of Blues". Well, in part because I like the blues, and then mainly because blue happens to be my favorite color :-) .

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